Hong Kong Disneyland – Family Fun!

Hong Kong Disneyland has six individual theme parks and plenty of dining and shopping options that will give everyone in the family a vacation to remember. In our article today, we’ll touch on some of the highlights that each park has to offer and what you should look out for when you visit Hong Kong Disneyland!

Grizzly Gulch Park

Grizzly Gulch Park

Grizzly Gulch Park is where families can enjoy the full Wild West experience. This section contains the Big Grizzly Mountain “Runaway Mine Cars”, a roller coaster that take riders on a wild ride around all of Grizzly Gulch Park. Another attraction is the Grizzly Geyser. There is also a photo booth, where visitors can take pictures with a giant gold nugget, and the Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show, where visitors can see and interact with some of their favorite Disney characters dressed up in Wild West clothes.

Grizzly Gulch Park Poster

Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land - Slinky Dog Ride

In this section, visitors can go on the Slinky Dog Spin; a roller coaster modeled after the slinky dog toy. They can also go on the RC Racer; a fast-paced roller coaster that goes in a U-shape. Another attraction is the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop; a ride that takes riders up high in the air and drops them down slowly. Children can have their agility and speed tested in the Toy Soldier Boot Camp. Visitors can also meet their favorite Toy Story characters.

Toy Story Land Entrance

Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land @ Hong Kong Disneyland

Here visitors can meet all of the Disney’s princesses, heroes, and villains. They can go on a boat journey around the world on the “It’s a Small World” ride. They can also tour “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle” and “Snow White’s Grotto”. Visitors can ride on the “Cinderella Carousel”, the “Fantasy Land Railroad”, the spinning tea cups, and the Dumbo ride. They can also tour the “Hundred Acre Wood” on “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” ride and watch musicals featuring all the Disney characters at “Disney’s Storybook Theater”.

Tomorrow Land

Futuristic Tomorrowland at Night

In this space-themed section, visitors can ride the exhilarating roller coaster Space Mountain, blast away enemies with Buzz Lightyear, interact with Stitch, race around a futuristic town, ride in a rocket ship, and get wet while dodging UFO attacks.

Adventure Land

Adventure Land

In this jungle-themed area, visitors can meet all the jungle animals on the Jungle Cruise, climb Tarzan’s tree house, and get wet as they pass by the Liki Tikis. They can also watch an re-enactment of “The Lion King.”

Adventure Land - Hong Kong

Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street, Disneyland Hong Kong

In this 20th century themed section of Disneyland, visitors can watch all of the Disney characters in a parade, listen to some great live music, ride around in street vehicles, and climb aboard the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad. Visitors can also learn how to draw Disney characters and how Muppets are made, as well as watch a fireworks show at night.

Main Street
Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street

Shopping and Dining

Restaurants and snack stands are located throughout the park and feature Chinese and American cuisine. Clothing and toys are also sold at various shops in all sections of the park.

Families visiting Hong Kong will want to come to Hong Kong Disneyland for some thrilling rides, good food, and family fun. As their tagline go, “Disneyland is the place to make dreams come true”.

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