Five Reasons to Visit China

China is the country with the world’s largest land mass and the world’s largest population. It does not quite have super power status yet, but it has managed to become a power in Pacific region.  It also has a large manufacturing base. Its manufacturing and economic status however, is not one of the many reasons a person should visit China. There are, however, many other reasons as to why an individual may want to make their way into the world’s largest country. The country has rich history and many historical sites that are often thousands of years old. There are some landmarks that everyone knows about such as the Great Wall of China. These landmarks are excellent reason to see China.

1. Beijing – The Capital of China

Beijing has been the capital of the country since the days of the Han Empire. The Han Empire ruled an area as large as the Roman Empire for over 400 years. English speakers may think its name has changed throughout the centuries, but this is not the case. The city’s Chinese name has been more or less consistent. Transliteration systems have changed how the name is rendered in English. The Imperial Palace is one of the most important buildings in the country. The Ancient Chinese believed it to be the Centre of the Universe. For many people though, visiting the Imperial Palace in Beijing is the highlight of travelling to China.

The Forbidden City in Beijing, China is one of the most popular tourist destinations

The Forbidden City in Beijing, China is one of the most popular tourist destinations

Beijing is China's latest cosmopolitan city

Beijing is China’s latest cosmopolitan city

Imperial Palace - Beijing, China

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which was a former British colony, is now considered to be part of China. A treaty returned it to the control of China.  Hong Kong is often considered to be the centre of Chinese cinema. The films are often high-budget, although they do not have the special effects budget found in American Cinema, usually. There is also a good chance that the people here will at least know English, although Chinese is the native language.

The Hong Kong skyline is one of tall skyscrapers and office buildings

The Hong Kong skyline is one of tall skyscrapers and office buildings

3. The Great Wall of China

It is not exactly true that this wall can be seen from the space shuttle, but it can be seen from many miles above the Earth’s surface. The wall covers several thousand miles. Soldiers from several different dynasties manned the wall to protect the nation from invading hordes. Similar walls were used elsewhere in the world, but they were not built to the same scale as they were in China. This is the same wall that saw the use of innovations such as the repeating crossbow.

One of the world's greatest man-made marvels - The Great Wall of China

One of the world’s greatest man-made marvels – The Great Wall of China

4. China’s Many Forests

China is a large country. There are many different climates found throughout it. A person can find deserts, forests and land planes. There are also mountains and Buddhist temples throughout the country. A traveller can see Pandas in their natural habitat which are the bamboo forests of China.

China's most iconic animal - The Panda

China’s most iconic animal – The Panda

5. Experience Authentic Chinese Food

Western travellers who frequently eat out at Chinese restaurants know that they get Chinese food which also appeals to the western palates in their countries. However, if they want to find out what the real food of the China is like, there is no better place to go than the country itself. One can also experience regional differences that occur in a large country as the local food may differ between provinces.  Experiencing food bought from the open-air local markets can be had if one wants to experience Chinese food the way it is eaten by the locals.

Street food stalls along the road in Yamen, China

Street food stalls along the road in Yamen, China

China Street Food


There is a lot more to know about visiting China than can be cramped into one article however, we hope that this short introduction to visiting and travelling in China will help you make your next holiday to China a fulfilling one!

They say a picture (or rather, video) paints a thousand words so check out this video for more information regarding holidaying in China!

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