Spending Your Honeymoon in Bali

Introduction to Honeymooning in Bali

If you just got married and are looking for an exciting destination for your honeymoon, then Bali would be the ideal place. This is a little island located in the Java Sea and is a part of Indonesia. It is one of the best places to enjoy a peaceful holiday as a newlywed. It provides couples going on their honeymoon with opportunities of a great, relaxing, fun and enjoyable holiday. A honeymoon in Bali is an ideal and dream vacation for any newly married couple. Visiting Bali is definitely one of our better recommendations!

Honeymooning in Bali

This little Indonesian island of Bali offers visitors a great opportunity for a fantastic and memorable holiday. It is surrounded by amazing white beaches and crystal clear seawater. With its warm weather all year round, travelers will have a great time at the beach. Many couples will enjoy taking long walks on the beach or simply laze about on the lovely beaches that stretches on for miles on end.

There are also plenty of dense jungles with interesting stone temples hidden among the trees frequently by plenty of monkeys. Couples visiting Bali on a honeymoon can take walks on the rugged path to the top peaks of Mount Batur and several other surrounding hills. From here, stunning views of the surrounding areas can be enjoyed with plenty of opportunities for great photography and panoramic images.

Bali has many interesting spas where couples honeymooning in Bali can receive soothing and relaxing massages for extremely low prices as compared to those in more developed countries.

Accommodations in Bali

Bali has a wide range of suitable accommodation for visitors to choose from. There are a number of top rated hotels on this Indian Ocean Island. These include the Samaya Bali Hotel, The Chedi Club and the Komaneka Hotel at Rasa Sayang. These top rated hotels have superb accommodations with world class features such as swimming pools, restaurants, a gym, sauna and spas.

Some popular but more budget-conscious bed and breakfast include the Villa Blubambu, Santi Sari Boutique Hotel and the Villa Sabandari. A honeymoon couple in Bali can choose to enjoy their stay in Bali while residing in these comfortable beach cottages. These are really luxurious cottages offering high quality accommodation worthy of your most memorable holiday as a couple. The amenities provided within the hotels and resorts are great with really comfy and cozy rooms.

Attractions in Bali

A couple visiting Bali for their honeymoon may wish to visit certain exciting and interesting locations that have been popular with visitors to the island. The Bali Jet Set Dive is one of these. Others include the Ahmed Scuba Tauchzentrum, the Chez Monique Silver Smith Class and the Casa Home Spa. There are great opportunities for couples seeking to enjoy, have fun and great memories when they choose to honeymoon in Bali.

Here’s a video that our reader sent us while on their honeymoon in Bali!

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