Exploring Indonesia – All You Need to Know

Have you ever dreamed of going to an island paradise that is teeming with lush evergreen beauty and breathtaking sceneries? Then you should make it into reality by travelling to Indonesia. This gorgeous Asian country is known for its white sand beaches, exotic parks, rich wildlife, and the friendliest locals you could ever meet. There are a lot of fun and interesting things to do in this country which will make you fall in love with it over and over again.

A beautiful Komodo Dragon which is native to Indonesia - Just one of the many exotic wildlife to be found in this country

A beautiful Komodo Dragon which is native to Indonesia – Just one of the many exotic wildlife to be found in this country

Introduction to Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia is known as the largest archipelago in the world. With a grand total of 17,504 large and small islands, this country is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It has a total population of 215 million from more than 200 ethnic groups living harmoniously in one rich melting pot of a country. Since Indonesia is an archipelago it is blessed with a very diverse landscape including fertile rice lands, rainforests, and even snow-capped mountains. With a very rich and diverse culture, it comes as to no surprise why many tourists flock this island paradise year after year.

Jakarta has come a long way since and is now a developing country

Jakarta has come a long way since and is now a developing country

Things to Do In Indonesia

Planning a holiday in Indonesia is quite easy with all the dearth of information that you could find on the internet. However, there are several must-do and must-see places that need to be reiterated to make sure that you include them in your itinerary. These are the following:

1.)           Make a side trip to Bali – No trip to Indonesia is ever complete without spending a few days in the most popular island resort in the world. Check into one of their exclusive resorts like Ayana where you can enjoy romantic dinners by the sea, go on breathtaking sunset cruises, and just relax and unwind by the beach. Bali is also famous for its surfing so do take this opportunity to learn the sport or to catch a wave.

Beautiful temple on Bali island, Indonesia

Beautiful temple on Bali island, Indonesia

2.)           Visit the ruins of Borobudur – Have the adventure of a lifetime as you trek through the temples of Borobudur. This is a UNESCO recognized world heritage site and is such a wonder to behold. Make sure you have extra memory cards and batteries in your camera because you will want to capture each beautiful structure.

3.)           Explore Jakarta – The capital city of Indonesia is teeming with skyscrapers, luxurious malls, and countless gourmet treats. It is a cosmopolitan city which offers a lot of enjoyment and entertainment for tourists.

Another view of Jakarta city

Another view of Jakarta city

How to Get To Indonesia

There are flights that operate daily from Heathrow and Gatwick direct to Bali’s Ngura Rai Airport. Cathay Pacific flies to Surabaya from Heathrow while Qatar Airlines flies in from Gatwick. Many airports in the UK operate regular flights to Jakarta International Airport which is located 12 miles northwest of the city. If you are flying in from London the plane ride will usually take 10 to 11 hours.

Now that you have everything that you need to know about visiting Indonesia the next thing you have to do is plan your itinerary and book your flight. Countless happy adventures await you in this beautiful, exotic country.

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